The Lifereel Handbook

“If there’s someone in your life who you love, you NEED to read this book. It will be one of the BEST decisions you EVER make.”

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    One of my hopes in life is that making a #lifereel will become standard practice in most families.

    Like, it will be come to be seen as a moral obligation to your family, that someday you will sit down with your parents/grandparents and film an interview about their life.

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    Oscar Jacques

    What you get:

    This FREE ebook takes you through all the steps on the way to creating a Lifereel - a short documentary film about the life of a loved one!

    It tells you all about the benefits of creating a lifereel for someone you love, and gives you a rundown of all the steps involved in creating one, from start to finish!

    You will learn:

    • Interview techniques to bring your loved one out of their shell
    • How to set up a camera and lighting
    • How to scan old photographs
    • How to restore them using free, easy-to-use tools.
    • Digitising your videotapes so that you can add them into your lifereel
    • Video editing
    • And much more!

    This ebook is suitable for complete beginners, who want to start capturing and immortalising the memories of their loved ones!